Hangout After Schools

Conversion of Office Building into a After Schools Facility


The success of Juniors Day Care resulted in this element of JMG Systems business needing from additional after schools and training facilities.  McCarter Hamill Architects were appointed in 2014 to design and deliver the conversion of JMG Systems original office building into an additional after schools facility on a restricted budget and timeframe.


The existing split level  office building held a series of small rooms with a domestic scale.  There were a number of entrances which could prove confusing for the parents of the After Schools Facility.


The existing main entrance to the building which was located to on the side elevation was demoted to an emergency exit only and an external curved screen concealed this entrance from the exterior to discourage its use.  The journey to the front entrance was strengthen by the use of entrance pillars and gate which were aligned with the JMG’s zebra crossing linking this new after schools building with the existing daycare building.


A reception and parent waiting area was created directly inside the front entrance.  By the removal of some internal walls, and the resulting structural alterations, we created 2 No. activity rooms further segmented into activity spaces i.e. art area, media area, library area etc.  Activity room 2 was designed so it could be used as a sensory room for children with special needs.


The Multi Purpose social room/diner was created in the conference room.  This room had 1950’s style diner booths to the eating area which was cordoned off with an island of fixed seating with built in storage/lean bar to its rear.  The fixed seating faced towards a projector screen for viewing of films.


2 No. enclosed outdoor play areas were created one to the front and one to the rear with the boundary treatments altered to ensure the users safety and privacy.


The first floor was converted for staff training and meeting use and also included the daycare managers office.


The interior was decorated with vibrant paint colours and flooring finishes.  The completed project fulfils the needs of the client and the building users by the creation of a number of flexible and colourful spaces.

Client Information

Jill Dillon Day Care Manager<br> T: 028 8225 7021<br> E:


Partner: Paul Hamill (RIBA)<br/> Project Lead: Eamonn Cushnahan MCIAT BSc (Hons)


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